• The Abaco Message Board - Post questions, meet up with people, if you want to know something about Abaco, you can find it here.

  • The Cruisers Net goes on the air every morning at 8:15 on VHF channel 84, with weather, news highlights, area restaurant specials and other timely information. The Cruisers Net is now selling merchandise to benefit Bahamas Air and Sea Rescue, Abaco. Visit Cafe Press to participate.

  • Advice for novice and prospective Rental Boaters in Abaco - A must read for anyone new to the area.

  • Albury's Ferry Service - Serving Abaco since 1959, Albury's Ferry Service is the water taxi of Abaco. Just follow the link for the schedule.

  • Boat Rentals
    Guana Cay
    Dive Guana 242-365-5178
    Marsh Harbour
    Blue Wave 242-367-3910
    Rainbow Rentals 242-367-4602
    Rich's Rentals 242-367-2742
    Pier 1 Rentals 242-367-3587
    Sea Hourse Rentals 242-367-2513
    B&B Rentals 242-367-6588 or 242-367-0452
    Man O' War - They deliver to our dock
    Water Ways Rentals 242-365-6143

  • Deep Sea, Bottom Fishing & Bone Fishing
    Guana Cay
    Mikey Roberts242-359-6632
    Henry Sands 242-365-5140
    Douglas Sands, Island Bone Fishing 242-366-2075
    Marsh Harbour
    Justin Sands 242-367-3526
    Buddy Pinder 242-366-2163
    Jay Sawyer242-367-3941
    Sandy Point
    Patrick Roberts 242-366-4286
    Man O' War
    David Albury 242-365-6059

  • Abaco Weather information
Current temperature on Guana Cay:

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Great Guana Cay, Abaco Bahamas
Phone: 242-365-5215